Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to make an appointment is by e-mailing us at Please include your telephone number in your e-mail.

How do I book an appointment?

  • Please complete our online appointment request form
  • Matt & Ryan are now exclusively tattooing their own artwork in addition to select darker imagery. Due to the high volume of inquires Ryan and Matt unfortunately cannot take on all appointment requests.
  • For traditional, color and black and gray tattoo inquiries, please complete our online appointments form and request out our resident artist Nathan 
  • All drawings for tattoo designs are drawn up the day of the tattoo appointment. We do not have the time to draw them up ahead of time. This process can take several hours, please bring a book or something to do with you while you wait.
  • We do not book appointments without knowing what the image is. Please be sure to include any reference photos you have for your tattoo along with a brief description.

Things to remember for your appointment

  • A valid Driver’s License, State ID or Passport
  • We do not tattoo under the age of 18, pregnant women, or people under the influence
  • Under no circumstances are children under 18 allowed in the shop this includes infants and toddlers. Please make alternative arrangements for your children.
  • No pets are allowed in the shop
  • Please e-mail any ideas or images you may have to Remember to include your appointment date and time as well as the artist.
  • The fee for touch-ups starts at $80.00.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your appointment(s) if you are more than 15 minutes late

Where are you located?

The Black Veil Studio is located at 194 Cabot St in Downtown Beverly, Massachusetts.

What are your hours?

The shop is open Tuesday and Wednesday 1:30 to 9 and Thursday through Saturday 11 to 7 , excluding major holidays.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

An individual must be at least 18 years of age with a valid State or Federal Photo ID  to get a tattoo. No exceptions. A State or Federal Photo ID consists of the following: State ID, Driver’s License, Military ID, or Passport

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our studio minimum is $80. The individual pricing estimate of tattoos must be done in person and cannot be done over the phone, e-mail or message.

Ryan and Matthew’s hourly rate is $200

Nathan’s hourly rate is $175

What are walk-ins?

Walk-in tattoos are small, simple tattoos that require minimal drawing time and no consultation time. For example, small names, initials, a small flower or small symbol would all be considered walk-in tattoos.

How do I schedule a consultation?

 Consultations  are done on the same day as your appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

Please complete our online appointment request form. 

Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes, in order to secure your appointment.

Appointments with Ryan and Matthew require a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is for the artist’s drawing time and does not go towards the cost of the tattoo.

Appointments with Nathan require a $80 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of booking. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Do you fix other artists work?

No we do not fix work by other artists. This includes adding color, re-touching color, fixing line work etc…

Do you do touch-ups?

If you need a touch-up on work done by an artist at our shop they are free within the first 60 days of getting the tattoo. After 60 days touch-ups start at $80.00. We do not touch-up or fix work done by other artists.

Do you offer body piercing?

At this time no, we do not offer piercings. If you come by or send us a message we will be happy to refer you reputable establishments that do.